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Sneak Peek: Best Of Galaxy Store Awards 2020


The year 2020 has had its issues for all sectors throughout the world. However, the smartphone sales and design industry continued to expand through online sales, AI-based smart-events, and online stores. 

During a simulated 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards induction ceremony, the 22 winners of the third edition of the Awards were unveiled. Samsung expanded the Awards to include Bixby, which was launched with their flagship (Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+) back in 2017, in addition to honoring the best software, games, watch faces, and mobile themes.

This year, the Galaxy Store has been revamped, implementing new features to offer players more opportunities to explore exclusive gameplay experiences and enjoy Galaxy users’ exclusive benefits. The fresh, sleek interface, coupled with its tailored range of the best games, turned Galaxy Store into the ultimate mobile portal for novice and hardcore gamers alike.

With the arrival of their new flagship, which is rumored to come with the S-pen and a 100X periscope system, Samsung continues to develop themes and improve customizability, which is a weak suit of its arch-rival, Apple Inc. 

Due to the current pandemic, the event took place virtually on December 9. Last year, companies like Gameloft and Niantic received many awards. Let us see what has changed this year and how Samsung appreciated the amalgam of creativity, design, and innovation offered by its creators. 

Best Theme: Butterfly Effected GmbH

When the German app developer is integrated with the world’s most popular brands, such as South Park, Hello Kitty, Minions, etc., the results are likely to be quite promising. 

Research shows that an average person opens their phone about 300 times a day, so it becomes vital for the OS to be bloatware-free. When this is coupled with the high refresh rate displays these days, the transitions occur very smoothly. 

This offers beautifully designed themes, HD wallpapers, and icons to personalize your smartphone. It is possible to find a wide selection of free and paid themes, including top endorsed themes like Hello Kitty, DreamWorks Animation, Shaun, and Universal Studios. Other available themes include fantasy, cars, and bikes. 

Customizing your phone’s home screen is simpler than it has ever been. These themes are continuously updated and are in sync with the latest trends. By being lightweight, this app gives your device a performance boost. 

Best Watch Face: Urarity Design Studio

When this was revealed in early 2020, design studio URARITY’s Terra Mechanica theme became an immediate sensation with Galaxy Watch owners. The company created a physical watch with all the chronographic components to achieve the ultra-realistic smartwatches of the theme.

“Samsung has provided our firm a window to turn our ideas into exceptional and high-quality content. Four years ago, we published our first animated watch face, and we are so proud to have URARITY today recognized as the very best in Galaxy Store,” says Drazen Stojcic, founder of URARITY design. 

The developers have checked all the boxes: creativity, content, appearance, arrangement, and image quality. 

Most Innovative App: NBA Top Shot 

The NBA, NBPA, and Dapper Labs have collaborated to develop NBA Top Shot. This groundbreaking, unique experience turns jaw-dropping plays and memorable highlights into memorabilia that you can keep indefinitely.

To access the game, users can simply visit Samsung’s Galaxy Store or Top Shot website. They will be greeted by a collection of packs bearing Top Shots of various scarcities and limited editions once they log in.

The three main aspects of the game are:

  1. Packdrops: Top Shots are sold in packs, each costing $29. These come in three subcategories, namely, Common, Rare and Legendary. Once they are sold out, the only way to get your hands on them is through a peer-to-peer marketplace. 
  1. Challenges: Once you have collected several moments, you get rewards through challenges after holding onto them for a while. 
  1. Peer-to-peer marketplace: If you fail to get rare moments through packs, this is your way to build a good collection and make some cash. Moreover, this provides liquidity and increases the value of your collection. 

Until now, for crypto payments and confirmed possession of digital goods, blockchain-based frameworks have had to push users to the site. But no longer; Samsung Galaxy Store is the first experience in which digital items can be purchased in a smartphone app in a real money, peer-to-peer marketplace.

Game of the Year: Fortnite 

You have probably heard of this one before. EPIC games swept everyone off their feet by launching Fortnite, a squad-based shooting app. 

Battle Royale lifts itself apart by swapping the conventional, bland combat simulator vibe for bright colors and an outstanding, freeform building system that’s unparalleled by anything else in competitive console games. 

With features like simple inventory management, an arsenal of guns, and colorful graphics, the game is pretty enticing. We definitely recommend you try it. 

Bixby Capsule of the Year: Spotify 

Spotify Capsule feature allows the user to use voice commands like “Play my Party Playlist” or “Play best of Jazz” without having to touch your phone. Bixby combines well with Spotify allowing users to make use of commands to control their music, regardless of their position.


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